Inspired by the Swahili word for goodness and abundance,

Zowena was created to help you feel more comfortable & confident in the skin you’re in.


Note from the founder

Like so many girls, growing up I often felt uncomfortable in my own body. Zowena – which
means goodness and abundance – was created to nurture and nourish, to care for the skin you’re in. Your body is not broken. It does not need to be fixed. It’s your home, the place you live every day.

Combining the natural power of botanicals with the latest science, Zowena works with, not against, the natural functioning of your skin. As your body continues to change and evolve, Zowena is a gift to your future self, ensuring the skin you live in stays as strong as you are.

Founder's Journey

In my search for natural and effective skincare that was also affordable, nothing ticked all the boxes.

Raised on a farm in South Africa by a mother who is an aromatherapist, I was immersed in
nature and fascinated by the healing power of plants. As I grew older, I began to truly value
the scientifically proven benefits of botanicals, and combined my love of chemistry and
beauty to study skincare formulation. This led me to create Zowena, working closely with
one of South Africa’s leading chemists.

My rural upbringing also inspired me to create a non-traditional supply chain where we source direct from farmers wherever possible, this helps
ensure plant preservation and supports local communities, whilst ensuring the quality and
freshness of the final product you put on your body.

  • 100% Natural Origin

  • Silky Light Texture

  • Softens and Hydrates

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