Frequently asked questions


What skin type is the Skin Barrier Support Oil suitable for?

All skin types.

Particularly beneficial for sensitive and dry skin.

Where on my body can I use the product?

Stomach, breasts, thighs and bum - anywhere you are expecting stretch marks.

Also suitable for face application to give your skin an extra nourishing boost.

When should I use the product?

Daily to help support and maintain healthy skin barrier function.

Where possible, ideally applied to clean skin after washing morning and/or evening.

How much should I use?

We suggest at minimum a couple of pumps for face application if layering with other moisturising products.

Body application depends on the size of the area. Suggest starting with at least 5 pumps for your tummy and apply generously here.

Use once to twice a day.

Is it safe to use in pregnancy and breastfeeding?


Are the ingredients natural?

Yes, 100% naturally derived.

Is the Barrier Support Oil Vegan?

Yes. No animal derived ingredients are used.